In 1963 Adnan Karim was born in one of Kurdistan`s oil rich and ancient towns Kirkuk, which is situated in the Kurdistan quarter of Iraq.

He came from a poor family but they did everything to ensure that their children had a good education and a tolerable existence.

The Baath Parties Arabisation efforts under the rule of Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein, forced him and his family to flee to one of the cradles of Kurdish patriotism Sulaimani.

Adnan continued his educational path in Sulaimani and graduated as an artist.

Adnan grew up with his family in an environment rich with culture, so in his early teenage years his love for Kurdish traditional music and story telling was deep. The popular established travelling bands, with their excellent musicianship and brilliant singing voice of folksongs and ballads performed at private and public concerts, left a deep influence on him and helped ignite his musical talent.

Adnan Karims first public performance as a musical artist goes back to 1979. For him, it signified the discovery of his musical talent, which later carried him into the limelight and popularised his music not only with Kurds but with other music lovers.

Kurds love his music because in his music they find an authenticity to traditional Kurdish tones. Its well attuned instrumental sound which gives the audiences a genuine feeling of a deep, melancholic life. His music is appreciated across continents.

His voice is soft and deep, accompanied by oriental instruments, which have their roots embedded in Kurdish tradition leads listener to spiritual enrichment.

Due to Saddam Husseins chemical weapons attack, resulting in the murder of many Kurdish civilians, Adnan Karim escaped to Sweden in 1992 to live a free life. At the same time Adnan continued with his music and artistic activities. During his time in Sweden he enrolled in many courses, such as the playing methods, To deepen of his understanding and skills in order to develop his own talent.

Adnan Karim first and foremost uses Kurdish classical poetry which stretches back to the 17th century, such as  the much-loved and well known poets like: MEWLEWI, MAHWI, NALI, SALIM etc. He sings in different Kurdish dialects with an excellent prosody (patterns of sound and beats in poetry) so that every one who listens to him can be caught up in provincial feeling, the listeners accepts him as one of their local singers. He prefers to sing accompany by different instruments with different sounds. He composes his own music and often plays the instruments himself.

Adnan Karim has up to now taken part in many cultural and international concerts. In the year 2000, Adnan together with a few musician had a much talked about and successful concert in the famous concert hall in Stockholm.
He also preformed with Living Fire Ensemble in Gothenburg 02.12.06 and in Stockholm 02.12.07..
His sounds are released on CD or a Cassettes and it has the following titles:

Birtan ekem-Raz-,Lawiki Helebce(longing after your secret).Cassette

Shewi Yelda, ( the long night)CD 1996.

Eroy oxer(farewell) CD 1999.

Shiney ba (the whisper of the wind)CD 2002.

Live in concert 2002Stockholm (living fire ensemble) CD 2002.

Tavgei Ishq CD 2005.

Am Shaw CD 2006

Wefaiy CD 2010.

Xatwn  CD 2011.

Badey Gulreng CD 2012.

  Created by Aso Dilan//   Copyright Adnan Karim 2000